PE Fun!

Organized around the Core Knowledge Sequence, a broad-based curriculum developed with the philosophy that the more a person knows, the more they can learn.

Includes monthly units addressing Colorado Model Content Standards

Individualized student learning plans developed to meet each student’s long and short term goals.


Science: Baltimore Core Knowledge Curriculum and many hands-on projects.

History/Social Studies: History Alive! textbooks along with a variety of supplementary materials. The curriculum is based on a three-year rotation.

Math: Prentice Hall 6th grade, 7th grade, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 textbooks.

Language Arts: Shurley English and Grammar, Writing Traits, literature circles, poetry units, writing contests, Total Reader, and various independent reading responsibilities.

Art: Integrated with all other curriculum.

Greek/Latin Roots: Students build their knowledge in vocabulary, which increases reading comprehension.

Technology: Keyboarding/typing skills, Internet Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Google Suite, PowerSchool, Desktop Publishing, Word Processing, Web 2.0 tools, Internet Research, Keynote, Pages, and other special projects with computers.

Service Learning: Students participate in recycling for DAAL as well as the BELA preschool, in addition to volunteering for various community service projects.

Other Electives: Student have the option of participating in some elective classes at Delta Middle School for an additional fee assessed by the School District, and paid by the parent.