Checking out the Past!
Trip to Ute Museum!
DAAL students
Fun in the Winter!
Social Studies & Mini Dramas!
DAAL students
Science & boats. . .
Skiing Fun!
Rocking Knowledge Bowl!
DAAL students
Hat Day!
DAAL students
Tour of Delta
DAAL students
DAAL students

Couldn't do it without parent volunteers!

Great Ouray Jeep Trip!
Beautiful Colorado!
Welcome to Delta Academy of Applied Learning
  • Many educational field trips!
  • Low yearly fee (covers field trips, class projects, & yearbook)
  • Several class projects
  • Technology integrated into the curriculum
  • Technology devices for every student
  • Community involvement & guest speakers
  • Sports are available with DMS
  • Students develop great friendships
  • High academic expectations

Hands-On Curriculum

  • Organized around the Core Knowledge Sequence, a broad-based curriculum developed with the philosophy that the more a person knows, the more they can learn.
  • Includes monthly units addressing Colorado Model Content Standards
  • Individualized student learning plans are developed to meet each student’s long and short-term goals.

Delta Academy of Applied Learning (DAAL) is dedicated to creating a safe, engaging, and supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and commitment to academic and moral excellence!